• Valentines Day bonanza for family and Group "Book your ticket for fairy ride from mumbai to goa today." Read More
  • Valentines Day bonanza bonanza for family and Group "Book your ticket for fairy ride from mumbai to goa today." Read More
  • Valentines Day bonanza bonanza for family and Group "Book your ticket for fairy ride from mumbai to goa today." Read More

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Enlisting a few things to do in Goa to make your trip a memorable one
If you are planning to take a break from your hectic lifestyle, then Goa is definitely a perfect paradise.

  With a cool ambiance all around, this place has a lot more to offer from beautiful beaches and waterfalls, to magnificent temples, churches and forts. Not to forget its rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisine,

and this makes it more than just a place of beaches. Here’s suggesting a few things to do in Goa which you must try when you reach Goa.• Indulge in some water sports: Beaches in Goa are dotted with thousands of people and most of them are indulged in water sports.

Goan beach life indeed gives you a lifetime experience when you see people fearlessly carrying a number of beach activities like water skiing, jet skiing, wind surfing, banana boat ride, parasailing, etc.

To get a lifetime experience, you must indulge in some water sport and scream your lungs out to enjoy this beach life. .
• Experience nature and wildlife: Sahakari Spice Farm, Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, Arvalem, Lamgao and Rivona Caves are some places where you can experience natural beauty and diverse wildlife.
  • Go on a shopping spree: No matter whether you are a shopaholic or not, some markets in Goa are worth a visit, where you can indulge in buying clothes, jewelry, art pieces, etc.
• Can get the test of different goan cuisines and flavours. They are different in taste and your visit will be incomplete if you will not try them. Specially prown curry, barbecue fishes and fenny.

• Try some Goan Cuisine: A visit to Goa is incomplete without trying some delicious Goan dishes, especially Goan fish, crabs, prawn vindaloo, and other varieties of sea food, which are served in some best restaurants in Goa.

• Experience nightlife at Clubs and Casinos: Goa is a perfect place for party lovers as well as those fond of gambling as numerous world class casinos and clubs can be spotted in Goa which making your experience more exhilarating.museums, art galleries, churches, etc. are some other things to do. Some popular tourist attractions in Goa include Agonda Beach, Mandrem Beach, Old Goa, Dudhsagar falls, St. Francis Zavier Tomb, Fort Aguada, etc. which you can visit to add more memories to your visit to Goa.
• You can step into the adventure boats if you wish to go on a private tour witnessing the mesmerizing coasts. Activities like paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking, crab catching, sunbathing and swimming along with delicious dishes are going to give you an unmatched experience. Either snorkel to be in awe of the absolute joie de vivre of undersea coral and oceanic life or simply pine away in the clear waters to swim. • Goa not only promises excitement and adventure, rather it also provides breathtakingly beautiful places for photography, especially for all the about to be married and newlywed couples. The couples will have a chance to shoot anywhere and anytime in Goa. The soft sands, swaying palms and its natural beauty make it the best location to capture the prefect candid and captivating moments. • To catch glimpses of the history, heritage and thrills with a twist, you can embark in a trekking expedition. After a brief discussion with guides, you can commence your journey in the morning through flourishing green bushes and come across some small streams as you carry on trekking. The pleasant sight of waterfall will give you an opportunity to click some admirable pictures. During this expedition, you can also take a walk through the wildlife sanctuary and enjoy delectable meals throughout. • Wanna go for cycling? Then begin your trip and get ready for the day. After getting a quick briefing over all necessary elements like safety instructions and an overview of tour ahead, start your cycling expedition at Soccour Church. Travel and head to the magnificent Chorao Island. You will come across a bird sanctuary where you can have the pleasure of experiencing bird watching as you cycle through desolate and uninhabited regions. In case you wish to ride more, you can move on to Divar Islands and pedal through the scenic village enjoying spectacular sights. • To have a wonderful time with your friends and collect heaps of memories, you can indulge into exciting activities like banana ride, ringo ride, speed boat ride and Jet Ski. These cool water sports packed with soft drinks and other refreshments are definitely going to make your tour special, especially in the months of July and August. • You can accomplish your desire to spend your family vacations in spacious and cool cottages, if you long to. Providing you the utmost comfort in natural illumination, these cottages will prove to be a silent space to hold onto peace of mind and relax yourself. Moreover, you can stroll through the farmed islands nearby to watch delicate dolphins and engage into fun water sports such as motorboat ride, banana ride, paragliding, fishing, scuba diving, deep sea diving and what not. So here is a prospect to bring in nothing but carry a bag full of unforgettable moments. • You can plan a visit to the glorious Grande Island. Here, enjoy a beautiful boat ride and if you are fortunate enough, you might get to gaze at gentle dolphins. The picturesque scenery and majestic sunset will simply make you marvel. Snorkeling and fishing in crystal clear waters and fine underwater visibility of Arabian Sea will make you head back home with plentiful memories you will cherish forever.