• New Year bonanza for family and Group "Book your ticket for fairy ride from mumbai to goa today." Read More
  • New Year bonanza for family and Group "Book your ticket for fairy ride from mumbai to goa today." Read More
  • New Year bonanza for family and Group "Book your ticket for fairy ride from mumbai to goa today." Read More

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Mumbai to Goa Trip -
Goa has become an ideal destination especially for youngsters and families to spend their holidays. It provides an environment full of freshness and enthusiasm to visitors. It has become a common trend to plan a Mumbai to Goa trip on weekends for fun loving people.

  Goa has some mysterious charm associated with it which lures the tourists to attract towards its magnificent beauty and spectacular beaches. When planning for a holiday no one can resist thinking of Goa as their vacation destination

Although it has frequent visits by tourists round the year but the most favorable time to enjoy the weather of this place is December to January. People across the world make escape from chilling winters and love to spend their time here feeling the warmth it offers.

Many travel options are available for this trip such as train, bus, airlines and cruise. You may choose any option according to your budget and mood. Most efficient way can be a road trip by hiring a personal cab for you

This will enable you to enjoy the beautiful views of the highway and will keep you away from the hustle of catching up train or flight.
The road trip will be better option for those who have to travel a short distance like from Mumbai or any other city closer to it. Rainy season experience the least visits by tourists as the weather becomes very humid during these days. Places of accommodation are available in abundance from cheap to luxurious stay. Itís your decision of how you want to spend your money on accommodation. Many hotels and spas are here to welcome with friendly hospitality and quality service..

They provide you various activities at one stop like pool, recreational activities, spa, dance, music and drinks. Planning your trip to a place where sun never sets is not a big deal to go for..

Prices may also vary on mode of transport you are choosing for your trip. Travel option of bus may be cheaper mode as compared to airline or cruise. You can plan yourself and decide what kind of a journey you prefer. Likewise there are also varied fares depending on place of accommodation, places of sightseeing and food. Depending on your requirements the fares can reach up to Rs. 35,000 which offer you a luxurious holiday and ensure best hospitality while stay in Goa.
After reaching Goa there are also various modes of travelling for reaching the destinations like hiring scooty, personal cab or a coach. You must have knowledge about these options so that the local vendors could not take advantage of charging extra cost.
A planned holiday is advisable if you have to follow certain budget and save money. However, travel agencies have make it easier for us to enjoy our vacations with cost saving.