• New Year bonanza for family and Group "Book your ticket for fairy ride from mumbai to goa today." Read More
  • New Year bonanza for family and Group "Book your ticket for fairy ride from mumbai to goa today." Read More
  • New Year bonanza for family and Group "Book your ticket for fairy ride from mumbai to goa today." Read More

Christmas New Year Celebrations. Read More

When the destination is Goa there are many attractions to look for like Mesmerizing sea sides, awesome food, hut stays and above all festive season parties. Also, there is an option which can convert your travelling time into most unforgettable time of your life. Cruise trips from Mumbai to Goa are making a wild card entry in travelling timetables of tourists across world.

  And why not, after all these trips are providing globe trotters an option of ‘party on the go’. They are getting famous for many reasons. Imagine yourself rising with the sun in the mid of Arabian Sea, far before your reach your destination you can smell the breath of Goa.

Leisurely walk to the railings only to find that horizon is rushing away. Till points unknown, there is nothing but clean glossing-blue water. And soon, you will find it pleasing, as your floating king of sea dances on waves, in sight of nothing but waters and clear blue

skies. This is something which is required to complete some special moments with someone even more special. Look for a couple of dancing dolphins leading the king of Arabian Sea. The most fascinating part is

parties which take place during the festive occasions on cruise ship itself. You can’t resist yourself to dance on the crown of cerulean waves. Enjoy a musical show with a bottle of chilled beer under the starlit blanket. This is something which after doing you might realize was a mandate to include in your checklist. Most of these sumptuous ships follow latest trends of international ways of cruising. Passengers dine whenever they want at

wherever they want as there are expert master-chefs taking care of a complete menu of different continents. However, best way to enjoy on deck is to occupy an introverted recess and grab a mug of chilled Heineken with some friends. These trips include in their itinerary to provide you a complete cruise ship experience. There are different packages and options from which you can choose according to your set budget. These options are making their presence marked due to one reason and that is the unmatchable trio of party, travel and best in class amenities which is not available with any other travelling options.

Travelling on a cruise is an exciting way of spending and enjoying your holidays. It gives you a soothing effect and the peaceful environment will rejuvenate you from the stress of your busy lifeIf you want to enjoy your holidays in Goa then there many things available like beaches, sun bathing, music, cuisine and shopping etc.

But if you are planning anything special then there is none other better option than sailing on a cruise from Mumbai to Goa. A peaceful method of travelling which is far from crowd, traffic and sounds of vehicles which sometimes spoil the mood of holidays.

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The cruise makes it way from Mumbai to island of Lakshadweep and then to rocking waves of Goa. It enthralls its visitors by providing all the facilities of a five star luxury hotel at one stop. It gives you home like feeling when you are travelling on a cruise. You don’t have to panic about the passing stations and running behind the buses. A catamaran runs between Mumbai to Goa with a capacity of about 400 passengers. It takes 7 hours to reach Goa via sea route. This catamaran is available on Tuesday & Thursday at 10.30PM. An approximate cost of travelling through this cruise is
• Economy class: Rs. 1400/-
• Business class: Rs. 1600/-
• Special cabin: Rs. 9000/- for 5 people.

Another cruise which sails from Mumbai to Goa is Star Cruises superstar Libra. It gives provision to tourists or one night, two nights and 3 nights stay on cruise. Libra provides a resort like environment to the visitors. Many facilities like recreational activities and entertainment are provided by the highest standard staff. Every need is taken care of when you are on the cruise. It takes you away from the noise and crowds of daily lives. There are other cruises like Blue Ocean that provides you 3 star service and can cost approximately Rs. 8000 for a couple. You can get more information about them on travel sites or on official website of Goa tourism. For further queries you may contact travel agents who can help you out selection a suitable one for you. Unlike train and bus service it is an expensive mode of travelling. It is better to plan your budget before booking a cruise to spend your holidays.