Mumbai and Goa, two of the most attractive cities in the whole of India. The former attracts people because of its widespread opportunities in all fields of work like the film industry or the software industry and the latter attracts people with its beautiful and snow white colored sand beaches.
The former is one of the most populous cities in India and the latter is a small beauty paradise. Both being situated on the coasts, thus enable Cruise and ship travels between them. The Mumbai - Goa sea route opened many options for travelers to travel through the sea by a boat or a private Catamaran or using a ferry service or by a luxury ship or cruise.

There have been entries and exits of many big foreign companies and investors in this cruise business from Mumbai to Goa by ship. Star Luxury Cruise Ship and the famous European cruise ship company ‘Blue Ocean Luxury’ have been ones that set up excellent cruise services for this route but due to their internal affairs had to wind up mid way. The Mumbai to Goa by ship travel was first noted in the period of 1960’s to 1970’s when some streamers carried passengers along the Konkan coastline from Panajii to Mumbai. In 1994 a Mumbai to Goa by ship booking Catamaran service was started that travelled a distance of 40 km on the offshore lines so that the passengers could enjoy the Konkan coast palms and in the process it would take around 7 hours to reach the coast of Mumbai from Goa or vice versa. This could have formed an excellent option as far as the Mumbai to Goa by ship 2012 is concerned.

The Mumbai to Goa travel by ship price or cruise is currently not available because the safety of the passengers comes first. And previously having experienced a little risk in the travel path, the Government decided to close the sea travel option for the passengers. However, when the Sea travel was open and a special attraction for the passengers, there were ships that travelled twice a week from one coast to another and there was a scope for every class of person to be able to travel:

• The Mumbai to Goa by ship booking had to be done in advance because of the large number of passengers and only twice a week schedule of the ship.

• The Mumbai to Goa by ship fare was divided as per the travel class in the cruise or the ship that ranges from the very high class to the normal class, thereby the variation of prices was from Rs 7,000 to Rs 33,000 per person per night of the cruise.

In the Mumbai to Goa by ship 2012 scenario, the government of Goa has stopped the sea travel and thus we all will have to be hopeful that the beautiful sea route is opened again in the future for everyone to enjoy.